Bentley Moving
Yankton, ​SD
Rates as of 10/01/2020

​Local Move in Yankton SD

One truck Two Men $125.00 Hour Plus 1/2 hour travel

One truck Three Men $143.00 Hour Plus 1/2 hour travel

One truck Four Men $168.00 Hour Plus 1/2 hour travel

Local Move in Vermillion, Tyndall SD 1 1/4 hours travel

Travel times are "Actual time" for over 30 miles from the city of Yankton, SD

​​Piano Charge**

Spinet Piano $143.00 Plus travel

Parlor Piano $175​.00 Plus travel 

Upright Piano $170.00 Plus travel

Player Piano $250.00 Plus travel

Grand Piano Charge**

Baby Grand Piano $150.00 Plus travel  

Parlor Grand Piano $175.00 Plus travel 

Concert Grand Piano $250.00+ Plus travel  

Gun Safe Charge**

250 to 600 lbs Safe $150.00 Plus travel  

601 to 800 lbs Safe $195.00 Plus travel  

801 to 1000 lbs Safe $300.00 Plus travel

*Travel is the cost of coming from the company to the residence and back to the company

**Plus a stair charge of $45.00 per flight of steps

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